Outdoor Benches

OBXX-XX – Outdoor Benches

We carry a large selection of aluminum plank bleachers which are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Bleachers are available with several options such as number of rows, width, rise, aisles, guards and tow-kits. All our bleachers are built to comply with Canadian building code and are welded by CWB certified welders. We will be happy to assist you in the design of your own bleacher system.

Fixed Benches

Galvanized steel legs are permanently anchored into concrete footings buried in the ground. Anodized aluminum planks make up the seat and optional backrest.

Portable Benches

Portable benches have sturdy galvanized steel legs which allow the bench to be easily moved around. Available with or without backrests

Surface Mount Benches

Galvanized steel legs are surface mounted to the concrete or asphalt. Available with optional backrests.


 Outdoor Seating Catalogue

Available Models

Model Length Seating Capacity
OB6-XX6′ / 1.83m4
OB8-XX8′ / 2.43m5
OB12-XX12′ / 3.65m8
OB15-XX15′ / 4.57m10
OB21-XX21′ / 6.4m14
OB24-XX24′ / 7.32m16


Type CodesDescription
SMSurface MountNote: Replace “XX” with required type code provided in this chart.

Ex: For 12′ surface mount bench use model# OB12-SM

SBSurface Mount w/ Back
PBPortable w/ Back
FBFixed w/ Back