Are Your Bleachers in Need of a Serious Upgrade? Consider Telescopic Bleachers from Forum Athletic Products

Have you noticed that your Telescopic Bleachers are out of date or falling apart or most importantly, meeting current building codes? Or perhaps your school has yet to install bleachers and you are looking for a product that will stand the test of time. If so, Forum Athletic Products, encourages key decision makers such as Principals, Physical Education teachers, and Facilities Maintenance Staff alike to consider telescopic bleacher seating. Having the right audience system is essential to the viewer’s overall experience at your school!

Forum Athletic Products is the exclusive distributer of Irwin Telescopic Bleacher Seating in Ontario. The Irwin 4500 platform is an excellent option to provide exactly what is needed for your requirements whether it be bench or chair seating

The Irwin Telescopic Bleachers and the Irwin Telescopic Chair Seating are available in both electric and manual operation and can be customized to fit any gymnasium or theatre space. Seat modules come with several stock colour options with custom colours available.  In addition, coordinated graphics featuring school initials can be incorporated into the bleachers to give the home crowd the extra edge!

To find out more about Irwin Telescopic Bleachers or Chair Seating get in touch with Forum Athletic Products today and have them design and build a telescopic system to fit your institution’s specific needs. To learn more about Forum Athletic’s other gymnasium equipment browse their website at //

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