Irwin Seating Company – Fixed Seating

Irwin Seating Company – Fixed Seating

It is an exciting time at Forum Athletic Products! For over 10 years we have been the exclusive Field Partner for Irwin Seating’s Telescopic Seating products in Ontario. Over that time the partnership with Irwin has flourished as we have grown into the leading choice for Telescopic Seating Products in the province.

Because of this commitment to excellence Forum Athletic has entered into an agreement to further strengthen our relationship with Irwin Seating Company. We are very proud to announce that Forum has been chosen to be the exclusive Field Partner for Irwin Seating’s Fixed Seating products in Ontario.

What does this mean?

Forum Athletic can now provide a complete Fixed or Telescopic seating solution for your Gymnasium, Arena, Auditorium, Theatre, Place of Worship, or Lecture Room in Ontario!

Irwin Seating Company was founded in 1907 by five investors, including 3 Irwin brothers; Earle, Eber and William. The current Chairman “Win” Irwin is the Grandson of Earle Irwin. Graham Irwin (CEO), Coke Irwin (Vice President of Sales), and Andrew Irwin (CI Manager) are 4th generation family members in the business. With over 110 years of family involvement, Irwin Seating Company is truly the definition of a “Family Business”.

Recently our team traveled to Grand Rapids, MI, the home of Irwin Seating Company. With over 400,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space, Irwin Seating employs a workforce of over 500 with a capability to produce over 15,000 chairs per week. As a proud North American manufacturer, all of Irwin’s steel seating components are welded and formed in house, the wood components are formed in house, and all upholstery and chair assembly takes place in house as well. And, with over 30 standard back styles, multiple seats, over 50 aisle ends and a variety of platforms, all with their own various options, no other manufacturer has the product variety and depth that Irwin Seating Company offers. With over 600,000 possible seat combinations available, the variety of selections certainly benefits the customer, giving the opportunity to design seating around their budget and specific facility needs.

Our time at Irwin Seating included two days of extensive product training, productive market discussions, and a complete factory tour. The overall facility is quite impressive, Irwin Seating is the industry leader.

We look forward to servicing all your Telescopic and Fixed Seating needs. Feel free to browse the entire Irwin Seating Company line at or contact Forum Athletic Products

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