Forum Athletic Recommends Installing Telescopic Bleachers to Modernize your Gymnasium

Have you recently noticed that your telescopic bleachers are slowly deteriorating and are not up to the standard set by the OBC (Ontario Building Code)? Perhaps it is time to consider replacing them.

What Models of Bleachers Does Forum Athletic Offer?

Forum Athletic has been the exclusive distributor for Irwin Telescopic Bleachers in Ontario since 2004. The most popular currently on the market is the 4500 Irwin Telescopic Bleacher model. The 4500 is available in both Manual and Electric operations depending on which design is better suited for your institution’s needs. A number of bench and chair seating options are available as well. Consultation and a Site Visit from a Forum Athletic representative is the best way to help make a determination on which Telescoping Bleachers will be the best option for your facility.

From Basketball Backstops, wall padding, divider curtains, scoreboards, nets, telescopic bleachers, and more, Forum Athletic has the gymnasium sporting equipment for schools of all shapes and sizes, from Elementary through to Universities

To learn more about Forum Athletic visit their website today at // for a full line of products.

About Forum Athletic Products, Inc.

Forum Athletic Productsis a Canadian owned and operated sports equipment manufacturer and distributer with many years of experience in the industry. The Forum Athletic Products’ mandate is to design and manufacture the safest and highest quality gymnasium equipment from mounts to telescoping bleachers and other sports equipment for schools, churches, community centres, and recreation facilities across Canada at competitive prices. To learn more about Forum Athletic’s products or installation services, visit their website at //

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