Enhance the Safety of Your Institution & Preserve the Condition of Your Basketball Backstops with These 6 Preventative Maintenance Tips

Basketball Backstops are likely the most essential part of any basketball game. Unfortunately, they are also one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment in the gymnasium. Although basketball backstops are manufactured to be very resilient they, like all things, require regular routine Preventative Maintenance. At Forum Athletic Products safety is a major priority so please consider the following tips for maintaining your backstops:

–  Have Your Backstops Inspected Regularly (Annually) for Noticeable Problems by the Trained Service Professionals at Forum Athletic Products.

– Technicians will Tighten Any Loose Bolts or attachments

– Make sure to have a Fully Automatic Safety Strap (Fall restraint) for  backstops

– Lubricate Moving Parts Frequently

– Technicians will Inspect & Adjust Your Limit Switches on Winches

– Technicians will Inspect Your Winch Cable Once for Wear. Cables should be replaced every 2 Years

All of our products are built according to safety guidelines and will last for many years with the routine preventative maintenance outlined above.

To learn more about Forum Athletic or to book a Preventative Maintenance Consultation call (905) 405-122 , or visit their website today at //www.forumathletic.ca//.

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