Forum Athletic’s Gymnasium Equipment – for Schools that Value Safety

Mississauga, ON – In Ontario, both elementary and secondary schools must follow the safety guidelines set by OPHEA (Ontario Physical and Health Education Association) to ensure that students remain safe while enjoying the benefits of physical education and activity. Gymnasium padding is one key component of keeping our children safe.

According to the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines, “School boards may RAISE [their] standards if they wish, but they are strongly encouraged not to lower them.” Forum Athletic representatives help schools not only meet but exceed the standards set by OPHEA. Forum Athletic offers the most the most up to date and reliable gymnasium equipment for schools in the industry.

Other padding products that are available from Forum Athletic include:

To learn more about Forum Athletic’s padding and other gymnasium equipment for schools, visit their website at //

About Forum Athletic Products Inc.

Forum Athletic Products is a Canadian owned and operated sports equipment manufacturer and distributer with many years of experience in the industry. At Forum Athletic Products’ mandate is to design and manufacture the safest and highest quality gymnasium equipment for schools, churches, community centres, and recreation facilities across Canada at competitive prices. To learn more about Forum Athletic’s products or installation services visit their website at //

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